Engine #1 1997 Seagrave

Engine 1 epitomizes the rich history of apparatus layout and design of the Glenside Fire Company. Featured in the October 1998 issue of Fire Rescue magazine, Engine 1 has a 470hp Detroit Diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, a 2,000 GPM Waterous pump, and a 750 gallon water tank. Although the pump is rated at 2,000 GPM, during a training exercise, Engine 1 flowed 3,250 GPM. There is seating for 8 firefighters and the truck contains 7 Dräger air packs. Fire Rescue magazine exclaimed, "Lots of methodical planning went into the design of this apparatus," and labeled Engine 1 as a "Rolling Pack Mule." Engine 1 also featured Seagrave's first painted pump panel in 20 years and a custom sliding tray for hose adaptors whose design was a first for Seagrave. The wood paneling and trays, in addition to the plastic mounting brackets are homemade by firefighters as well as the center console in the cab. Engine 1 is first due on all fire alarms, structure fires, vehicle fires, vehicle rescues, and haz-mat incidents.

Ladder #1 1994 Seagrave

Ladder 1 is a 1994 Seagrave 100' Rear Mount Patriot aerial ladder. Engineered for maximum efficiency and versatility, Ladder 1 has been named the Best Appearing and Equipped Aerial Ladder in Pennsylvania and has also been featured in Seagrave's annual calendar. Ladder 1 features seating for eight firefighters and its cab design is virtually identical to that of Engine 1. Ladder 1 is first due on all calls outside of Station 1's fire district and is equipped for FAST team operations. Ladder 1 is also first due on all residential and technical rescues and is second due on all fire alarms and structure fires.

Engine #1-1 1982 Mack

Engine 1-1 is a 1982 CF600 Mack Custom Pumper. Twin 1982 Macks were purchased, breaking many years of the Seagrave tradition. The twin Macks were identical in every regard and the first due Mack was rotated periodically. Engine 1-1 featured Glenside's first enclosed canopy cab, first diesel powered engine, and first white-over-red paint scheme. Engine 1-1 has seating for 4 firefighters with 2 standing positions. Engine 1-1 responds first on all brush fires, wires and dumpster fires.

Engine #1-2 1972 Seagrave

Engine 1-2 is truly the centerpiece of Glenside Fire Company's apparatus. Featuring all original parts and components including the body paint, Engine 1-2 is powered by its original Wakeshau six cylinder gasoline engine. Twin 1972 Seagrave pumpers were purchased and were frontline apparatus until the purchase of the twin 1982 Mack pumpers. Engine 1-2 features a 1000 GPM pump, 300 gallon water tank, and an automatic transmission. Much of the original hose remains on the truck and as time has passed, Engine 1-2 has maintained its 1972 appearance. The truck still features 3 inch supply line, jones snap fittings and most all of its original equipment.

Special Service #1 2001 Ford F350

Special Service 1 is a 2001 Ford F350 Super Duty with seating for 5 firefighters. Special Service 1 is utilized as a transport vehicle for county fire schools, fire related events, and is first out on Assist EMS calls. Special Service 1 is the last out truck on all other calls.